Activists Without Borders Film Festival

Activists Without Borders (AWB) is a global movement dedicated to breaking down barriers and inspiring change across the world. We are a dynamic network of passionate individuals united by a common purpose: to create a world where activism knows no boundaries.

Currently, AWB is screening films in United Kingdom, bearing witness to human rights violations, climate crisis, and other social issues through direct storytelling and exposé formats. We provide a platform for courageous individuals on both sides of the lens, empowering audiences with the knowledge that personal commitment can make a difference.

The Activists Without Borders Film Festival strives to celebrate the diversity of content and perspectives in the films we select and in the post-screening conversations we host. From filmmakers to film participants and panelists, we prioritise providing space for identities, viewpoints, forms of expertise, and experiences that are often silenced or marginalised in the film industry, news, and media. Discussions with filmmakers, film participants, activists, and journalists take place after every screening, offering our audience the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues they have seen on screen.

We host this festival annually, collaborating with filmmakers and activists to establish partnerships with organisations that help identify key audiences for our screenings. With a shared goal of raising awareness about the rights issues depicted in our films, we conduct widespread grassroots outreach to ensure that impacted communities, as well as decision-makers and policymakers, are informed about our film screenings and are invited to engage with the films. Additionally, we work closely with filmmakers to optimise future collaboration opportunities.

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All films must spoken and/or subtitled in English.

Films must show and/or discuss the following issues to be considered:
Human Rights, Gender Rights, Poverty, Social Justice, Political, Wildlife, Labour, Peace / War, Health / Disability, Education, Cultural Activism, Community Activism, Religious and Faith-Based, Artistic, Housing and Homelessness, Refugee and Migrant, Consumer Rights and Drug Policy Reform.

Submission Deadline: 18 Oct 2024

Film Festival: 30 Nov 2024

Human Rights Film Festival

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