Thank you for your interest in Activists Without Borders. This page deals with permissions to use our materials.

Activists Without Borders materials

Activists Without Borders (hereafter ‘AWB’) publishes a wide range of materials both on this website and in printed form.

Our materials include: reports, press releases, blogs, urgent actions, photographs, artwork, sound recordings, text, and/or other materials (“AWB Materials”).

Permission for use of Activists Without Borders Materials

Except where otherwise noted, content in Activists Without Borders Materials is licensed under a Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, international 4.0) license.

By downloading and sharing our publications, you agree to adhere to the terms presented in the Creative Commons License.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I use Activists Without Borders Materials in my publications or other works?

Activists Without Borders Materials are covered by the Creative Commons License, allowing for limited use of publications provided the work is:

  • Properly credited to Activists Without Borders.
  • Used for non-commercial purposes.
  • Not used for derivative works.

You do not need to request permission from Activists Without Borders before using or sharing our publications on this basis.

Please note that some materials (whether within an Activists Without Borders report or published separately, such as a photograph) will be clearly attributed to a copyright owner other than Activists Without Borders. This material is not subject to the Creative Commons License.

  1. Does the Creative Commons license apply to Activists Without Borders materials that do not appear on the Activists Without Borders website?

Yes. The Creative Commons license applies to all Activists Without Borders Materials on the website.

  1. How should I credit Activists Without Borders?

Please cite us as “Activists Without Borders.”

  1. Can I use a photograph, map, or other image contained in any Activists Without Borders materials (including on the Activists Without Borders website)?

Copyright in the images on our website and in the body of our reports is generally owned by third parties. In such cases, the copyright owners are separately attributed, and this material is not subject to our Creative Commons License.

  1. Can I use Activists Without Borders’ video/film materials?

Video/film material (including the licensing of specific clips) is not covered by our Creative Commons License.

  1. May I use the Activists Without Borders name and logo or trademarks on my own published materials or on my website?

No. Our Creative Commons license is a copyright license only.

  1. I want to provide a link to an Activists Without Borders webpage on my own Internet site – do I need a license agreement?

No. You are free to link to any Activists Without Borders webpage.

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