Restore Nature Now: Join the biggest ever March for Nature in London

On 22nd June 2024, London will witness an unprecedented gathering of environmental advocates for the ‘Restore Nature Now’ demonstration. This event aims to highlight the urgent need for nature restoration and climate action in the UK, drawing together thousands under a unified call to action. Organised by a coalition of wildlife and environmental groups, this family-friendly, legal march will demand that all political parties prioritise nature restoration and tackle climate change.
Organisational Support

The demonstration has garnered support from a diverse range of organisations. Activists Without Borders (AWB), known for their commitment to environmental and human rights issues, is one of the key supporters. Alongside AWB, over 180 UK-based organisations, including The Wildlife Trusts, The Climate Coalition, WWF-UK, National Trust, and Extinction Rebellion, have pledged their support. This coalition aims to make the march the biggest ever for nature, sending a powerful message to policymakers.

The ‘Restore Nature Now’ demonstration seeks to achieve several critical objectives:

Raise Public Awareness: The march aims to raise public awareness of the environmental crisis and highlight the alarming decline in wildlife and natural habitats.

Influence Policy: A key goal is to influence the political agenda ahead of the General Election, urging all parties to commit to nature restoration.

Promote Sustainable Practices: The event will advocate for sustainable living and conservation efforts at both individual and community levels.

The Day’s Events

Participants will engage in a variety of activities throughout the day:

March and Rally: The march will proceed through Park Lane to Parliament Square, featuring speeches from prominent environmentalists like Chris Packham, and representatives from supporting organisations.

Workshops and Exhibits: Interactive sessions will educate attendees on conservation techniques and sustainable practices.

Art and Music: Performances by artists passionate about the environment will add a cultural dimension to the event.

Why Now?

The timing of this demonstration is crucial, coinciding with a General Election year. The UK is experiencing a severe nature crisis, with significant declines in bird populations, wildflower meadows, and mammals. The march seeks to make nature restoration a priority for the next government, highlighting the UK’s commitment to protecting 30% of land and seas by 2030. Immediate action is essential to reverse environmental degradation and ensure a healthier future for wildlife and people alike.
Key Demands

Under the banner of ‘Restore Nature Now,’ the participating organisations have outlined five key demands for the UK Government:

A Pay Rise for Nature: Doubling the budget for nature and climate-friendly farming to support farmers in environmental recovery efforts.

Make Polluters Pay: Implementing new regulations to ensure big businesses contribute to nature and climate recovery and ending new fossil fuel projects.

More Space for Nature: Expanding and improving protected areas to meet climate commitments, including better utilisation of public lands and National Parks.

A Right to a Healthy Environment: Enacting an Environmental Rights Bill to improve public health and access to high-quality natural spaces.

Fair and Effective Climate Action: Investing in energy efficiency, public transport, and renewable energy to halve UK emissions by 2030.

Join Us!

The ‘Restore Nature Now’ march is a call to all nature lovers to unite and demand urgent action. By participating, you will help amplify the voice for wildlife and natural habitats, making it clear that environmental protection is a top priority. This inclusive, safe, and empowering event promises to be both impactful and enjoyable.

To join the march, sign up on the Restore Nature Now website for more details about the day’s events and how to stay connected leading up to the event. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

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